Small House

Small House is an ultra-compact concrete vertical house that adds to the urban fabric of inner city Surry Hills in Sydney. The site is so small it can fit into the garage of your typical sprawling suburban home (7m x 6m).

Small House investigates a new typology in the current urban living space, whilst still reflecting a contemporary lifestyle full of diversity and creativity, all for the cost of a city apartment. Quality of design with no maintenance and substantial access to outdoor open space, are key objectives for city living.




WAF LOGO Category Winner.png

World House of the Year World Architecture Festival 2011, Barcelona

AIA National Award for Small Project Architecture 2011

AIA NSW Award for Small Project Architecture 2011

AIA Residential Architecture Award, Single Housing 2011

Houses Awards 2011, Presented by Houses Magazine

- High Commendation, New House Under 200 m²

- High Commendation, Outdoor (with Landscape Architects 360°)